Gatehouse Farm Shop
Gatehouse Farm Shop

The Farm and Shop

Gatehouse Farm and Shop is a smallholding, consisting of 8 1/2 Acres, with a purpose-built farm shop and butchery that sells our own, and neighbours' wonderful produce. We are just outside the village of Wool on the coast road to Weymouth. 

Our Pigs & Sheep


The Pigs that we grow are  good old fashioned breeds called The British Lop, & Saddleback cross.At present their are not that many breeders of these traditional pigs.They are all outside reared, the pigs only come into the indoor stys when they are due to farrow so that they can be monitored more closely. These particular breeds are good mothers, and also the meat quality is perfect with not to much fat, for our pork & bacon.


Our sheep are the Herdwick breed and are very hardy and native to the Lake District and enjoy outside living, but through the winter if they choose they have got a warm, snug barn with plenty of straw to keep them warm. The lambs are of very lean quality not producing to much fat but enough to make the meat succulent & tasty.







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Gatehouse Farm Shop

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Monday - Saturday09:00 - 18:00
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